OUTT Originals

OUTT originals are a collection of OUTT designs and select sculpture from artists that share our desire to bring uninhibited and innovative decor to our friends. Each sculpture on this site was selected to inspire thought and curiosity. You can’t help but notice the human element involved in each sculpture. Whether it is the artistry of the muscle tone found in the torso of a male, or the playfulness of the feather tickling a foot, we’re sure you will find our sculpture to be an interesting conversation piece for the right place in your home.


Hand Blowing a Kiss
SIZE: 11"H X 6"W X 8"D
Price: 41.99

Pensive Angel
SIZE: 8"H X 4"W X 4"D
Price: 35.00

Dreamlight Votive Holder
SIZE: 11"H X 6"W X 8"D
Price: 41.99

Greek Wrestlers Chad and Kimball
SIZE: 11.5"H X 10.5"W X 8"D
Price: 65.00





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